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Ameko Power Solar is an industry leading full service solar installation company.

Today, the solar industry and markets are experiencing record growth. Many states, utilities and the federal government are offering lucrative incentives for the installation of solar energy systems. Numerous companies and individuals are seeking to enter the business as manufacturers, financiers, distributors, integrators, marketers and installers. However, not all have the requisite training, experience and qualifications to safely and successfully install systems, nor the appropriate licenses to practice construction contracting according to the building codes and laws in their jurisdiction.

 We provide our customers with turnkey solution, including:

         Site evaluation



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         Ongoing monitoring

         Solar system repair & maintenance


         Documentation - Incentive, Rebate, Tax Credit


















Solar System Instalttion Porcess




Free Solar Consultation



  Site Survey



Analyze System Size



Designing & Permitting












Solar System Turn On










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